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At Moffitt & Company, we take your business success personally. We know that our customers are our key to success. Just as we help you to visualize your future and formulate plans to achieve your goals, we recognize that our quality customer service is really measured by your success and we have oriented our firm’s culture to that end.

YOUR SUCCESS … really is our business … and this is how we do it.

Business Consulting Services

Start-up Guidance and Procedures

If you’ve just started a business or are considering doing so … this is a time of great need for professional guidance. There are many opportunities to grab and many pitfalls to avoid. We will help you get off to a sound start. Specifically we help you:
  • Decide what legal form of business suits your needs
  • Register with the various taxing authorities
  • Design and implement your accounting and management information system
  • Record your business transactions and report your financial position and operating results
  • Develop your business plan
  • Obtain financing on favorable terms
  • Keep as much of your hard-earned profits as possible
  • We provide the Value you need at a price and terms you can’t afford pass up.

Buying a Business

If you are considering purchasing a business, let us help you clarify your objectives to determine your best course of action, and guide you through this complicated process. We will help you:
  • Decide if purchasing or competing with your own start-up business is your best course of action
  • Evaluate the profit potential and risk associated with the potential purchase
  • Negotiate with the seller to obtain favorable purchase price and payment terms
  • Negotiate with financing sources to obtain favorable terms
  • Work with your attorney to structure the purchase agreement to produce desired tax benefits
  • Make a smooth transition to ownership after the purchase

Business plan development

This is your roadmap to success. It is a plan the defines:
  • Who you are … an intelligent businessperson who knows what you want and how to get it
  • What you do … provide value to customers, using your competitive advantages
  • Where you are on the road to success … what you’ve accomplished so far
  • How you plan to get there … what you need accomplish
  • How long it will take … If there is a shortcut to the top, we’ll help you find it
  • What you will do when you get there … anything you want

Some lenders and investors require business plans, before committing any funds to an enterprise. All successful enterprises have a business plan, whether formally documented or not. We believe your goals and plans will take on a life of their own, once you commit them to paper and follow them with persistent and intelligent action.

Financing Assistance

We have an excellent reputation with local lenders and we will help you assemble and report the information lenders are interested in before you approach them for financing. By being well prepared before your need for cash becomes critical, you place yourself in a position of being able to negotiate with lenders to obtain the best terms possible. Moffitt & Company has assisted customers in obtaining operating lines of credit, real estate loans and business acquisition loans to name a few. By selecting Moffitt & Company you show the lenders that you are serious about your success.

Operations Analysis

This service will help you to focus your energy on the areas of your business that are critical to your success. We have found that many businesses fall short of their potential by expending their energy resources in areas that are unproductive, which leaves those areas critical to their success badly in need of attention. First, we determine the purpose of your business. What do you offer to your customers, that your competitors don’t? What do you do better? How do you provide more value? These are your reasons for being in business. Next, we look at the different aspects of your business, organization, and work processes to determine what are you currently doing that is unnecessary, what you need to do more of and how you need to it. Finally, we help you develop a plan of action to implement the needed changes and monitor the results. We will help you build and organize your business to produce outstanding results.

Accounting & Management Information Systems

Effective tracking of your assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, customers, vendors, and operating statistics, among other things, helps you to make the best decisions quickly and with confidence. Automation of your accounting functions, such as invoicing sales and writing checks, will free you to work on your business, not in your business. We will help you determine your needs as to computers, networking, and software. We will assist you in designing and setting up your system, training you and your staff so that your system will work for YOU. Many customers do not want their accounting system at their office… not a problem. We offer a complete array of services to handle all your accounting and reporting needs. We tailor our service to each customer, based on our customers needs and desires. We handle payroll, payroll reporting, sales and use tax reporting, general ledger maintenance, financial reporting, check writing, invoicing … whatever the situation calls for.

Pension and Profit Sharing Plans

Setting aside money for you and your employees’ retirement can be very advantageous to your business today, as well as, providing financial security for the future. There are many types of retirement plans available for a businessperson to select from, and there are many options to decide on in designing the plan you select. These decisions may have a substantial and long-lasting impact on your financial future. Often business people are approached by salespersons of financial products, who offer to assist you in setting up a pension or profit sharing plan for your business. These people may be interested in your well being, but they also have a financial interest in the products that will eventually fund your plan. You need someone independent from personal financial gain based on your decisions to advise you in these matters. You need guidance from a qualified professional who is familiar with you, your business, your goals, and your needs, as well as, the financial and tax implications inherent in such a decision. Moffitt & Company can help clarify these choices and their effects on both you and your business. We can help you with both your pension and profit sharing decisions and implementation through our expertise and the expertise of the professionals in our vast network.

Compensation Planning

For most businesses employers compensation is the single largest operating expense. Compensation is also the largest source of income for most employees, including shareholder employees. Yet many business owners only consider the amount of compensation to pay themselves and their employees. While this is an important consideration, the tax laws allow for creativity in providing employees compensation. By structuring your compensation packages appropriately, you can save both your business and your employees substantial tax dollars. In addition, appropriately structured compensation packages can build loyalty in your employees and help you both to motivate and retain key personnel.

Moffitt & Company can assist you is structuring your compensation packages to fit your overall business strategy.

Selling a Business

If you are considering selling your business, let us help you determine the value of your business and the appropriate structure for the sale. Selling your business is probably the most complicated transaction you will ever enter into. You will need experienced professional advice from establishing your asking price to the sale closing Moffitt & Company will assist you in:
  • Establishing your asking price
  • Building value in the eyes of potential buyers
  • Negotiate with the buyer to obtain a favorable selling price and payment terms
  • Work with your attorney to structure the sales agreement to produce desired tax benefits
  • Make a smooth ownership transition after the sale

Accounting Services

Financial Statements

Financial Statements tell you, investors, lenders and potential buyers where you are and how you have done. We take the reliability and usefulness of financial statements very seriously. Our services in this area are technically competent and respected for our years of quality results. This is often the starting point in making decisions that will affect the financial health of you and your business for years to come. We invest our expertise is helping our customers see their strengths, as well as, areas for improvement. Our analysis and your related courses of action following the presentation of your report, give you even more value.

Income Tax Planning and Compliance

We will work with you throughout the year to help you take the appropriate actions to lower your federal, state and local income taxes. This can be accomplished in various ways through structuring your organization and your transactions that change the taxability of your revenue and the deductibility of your expenditures; by accelerating deductions and deferring revenue; by looking to the future as to possible tax law changes and changes in your business. We look at the life of your business, not just one reporting period when we help you plan. Our firm is committed to providing the best possible service when we prepare your income tax returns. We understand that compliance with the law and the proper reporting of your operations will save you both money and aggravation. We want our customers to be able to sleep at night, and spend their time at work on business, not worrying about taxing authorities.

Virtual Accounting Department

What in the world is a virtual accounting department? That depends on YOU! Moffitt & Company will provide a bundle of accounting services based upon your wants and needs. Our services range from operating a corporate class accounting department at our office and using our equipment, software, and personnel to providing just basic after the fact reporting and record keeping. The range of services you decide upon is completely up to you. Listed below are some of the accounting department services we can provide.

  • Corporate Class Accounting Department

This comprehensive service is designed to eliminate your need for an accounting department at your place of business. Moffitt & Company becomes your accounting department. This eliminates the need for expensive office space and furniture, computer equipment (which should be replaced every three years), accounting software (with their annual renewal fees), copy machines, accounting personnel, training, and on and on. Just imagine having a trained accounting staff and certified public accountant supervision of your day-to-day operations without the associated payroll expenses. Below is just a sampling of the services Moffitt & Company can perform for you
  • Sales invoicing, monthly customer statements, payment collection, daily deposits, and accounts receivable monitoring.
  • Expense and purchase invoice recording, payment discount and due date monitoring, check writing and mailing.
  • Payroll calculations and check writing, payroll tax deposits and reporting, year-end W-2 wage and tax statements.
  • Preparation of cash flow analysis and forecasting.
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements

  • Basic After the Fact Record Keeping and Reporting

  • Recording and classifying your cash disbursements and receipts from records in your checkbook, and preparing periodic reports for you to monitor your business with.
  • Recording your sales and expenses based on the accrual method of accounting (as opposed to only when revenue is received and when expenses are paid). Reconciling your outstanding sales invoices to your accounts receivable total and your outstanding expense and purchase invoices to your accounts payable total.
  • Reconciling your checkbook with your bank’s records and making appropriate adjustments to your records or notifying you of bank errors.
  • Recording wage and withholding information on your employees, calculating periodic tax deposit amounts and preparing periodic payroll reports to the various taxing authorities, as well as, year-end W-2 wage and tax statements.
  • Reporting revenue and sales tax information to the appropriate taxing authorities.
  • Periodic review of your operating results and discussion of areas of both opportunity and concern.

Wealth Management

Estate and Gift Tax Planning and Compliance

A careful and well reasoned estate plan is important to minimize and defer taxes whenever possible. Our services in this area include succession planning, family transfers and periodic review of your wills and trusts, with suggestions to your attorney, as well as fiduciary accounting, business valuation, income tax planning and expert preparation of estate, trust and beneficiaries' tax returns.